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In May 2019, we launched a sulphur mining plant in the Subcarpathian village of Basznia Dolna. Our raw material is perfect for a wide range of industries, for instance manufacturing of sulfuric acid, fertilizers, plant protection products, tyre industry, food industry, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. PBI Group product meets all requirements of customers, its purity is equal to 99.98% and the granular sulphur is of very low moisture.

Sulphur is sold liquified or granular, depending on needs, directly to Customer’s vehicle or packed in the so-called big bag. A railway siding is located in the vicinity of the plant, which allows transporting raw material using railway tracks directly to a terminal in Gdansk where maritime transport to recipients from all over the world is possible.

Basznia II Mine is the second world’s largest active mine which uses the underground melting method. The method consists in pumping water, super-heated up to 165oC, into the sulphur deposit. The sulphur becomes liquified and can be extracted using compressed air. The last stage of sulphur processing is granulation. Product prepared this way, ready to be sold is transported to the storage area using conveyor belts.

The production involves a modern and energy-efficient process of treatment, heating and preparation of process water as well as a closed loop formation water system - technologies that are safe and environmentally friendly.

The first stage of production assumes extraction of 200 thousand tonnes annually. The modern Basznia plant employs nearly 100 persons both experienced miners as well as junior engineers.

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